Sources of Inspirations


My inspiration mainly comes from nature, often from my experiences being in nature in my hometown Sept-Îles, Québec, where the landscape is dominated by vast forests, the St-Lawrence River which fills the coastline, and amazing aurora borealis.

During clear nights at our chalet so far away from any paved road and outside lights, the universe unveils itself.  I spent many nights lying down on my back, letting my eyes adjust to the dark, so to see the marvel of the Milky Way and endless stars gazing in an illuminated night sky.

Nature is my main source of inspiration.  I grew up in harmony with nature in a general care of our environment preservation. I’m well verse about earth science, environmentalism and as an earth conscious being I look for ways to take better care of our planet and to improve the earth’s sustainability for future generation.



Glass, a passion that forever grow


A true passion was awakened when I first discovered the art of glassblowing in the early 2000s. I have since embarked on a journey of discoveries that continues to this day.

Right from the start, I wondered about new and traditional glassblowing techniques and I quickly realized glassblowing is a never-ending story. As a self-taught artist with an adventurous mind, my quest for knowledge has since took me to new horizons. Over the years, I`ve had the great privilege of meeting and learning from several glassblowers from many different fields of expertise.

From thermofusing to cold glass working, traditional Hot-Shop glass, casting, sandblasting or carving,  I always find a way to use the knowledge learned into my borosilicate work when a solution needs an unseen answer.

My favorite theme, the universe, reflects on one of my personal interest; my endless curiosity in the cosmos and the infinite possibility of discoveries to be made in Space.